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The Blackburn Group, LLC has ownership interests in a diverse scope of businesses throughout the Southern United States, with a focus on residential and commercial land development. 

The Blackburn Group, LLC is a holding company for five operating companies:

  • Blackburn Construction - a general construction and commercial development company

  • Blackburn Homes- a residential development company

  • Blackburn Communities - a multi-family development company

  • Rowan Oak Funds - an investment management company

  • Anytime Fitness - fitness centers

  • High Point Mitigation - a land mitigation company

Rowan Oak Funds is a private equity firm which specializes in niche real estate and health and fitness related opportunities throughout the southern United States. The Fund seeks long-term capital growth by investing in a limited number of assets and private companies we identify that have significant opportunity for capital appreciation through proper planning, vision, and management.

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