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                                               has always richly invested its                                                   future in one common principle:                                                 your experience.

"We don't sell a product. We sell an experience."

Blackburn Construction has uniquely been positioned in commercial development since the 1960's when Robert Julian Allen, Jr. began commercial HUD projects in Indianola, Mississippi under the company name RJ Allen & Associates.

In 1970, Julian Allen, son of Robert Julian Allen, followed in his father's construction footsteps and joined him on his endeavors. He soon moved to Tennessee to work for CFW Construction Company, where in 1972 he became President of Constructors, Inc. In 1976 he returned to Indianola, and founded Allen Corporation. In 1984, he began RJ Allen & Associates and was entrusted with many commercial projects in a five-state region including large-scale condominiums, apartments, retirement homes and nursing centers. 

In 2002, Allen was joined by son-in-law, David Blackburn who helped advance RJ Allen beyond its time - adding residential and commercial construction in the Texas and Mississippi markets. 

Quickly adding to RJ Allen's repertoire would include dozens of convenience stores, restaurants, multi-family communities, retail space, apartment living and office space projects.

The foundation the Allen family, set off more than 50 years ago, still holds true today at Blackburn Construction. As the late Julian Allen said, "There is no substitute for quality," and "Professional management always makes a difference between money wasted and well-spent." We hope you'll see and experience the difference with Blackburn Construction.

Blackburn Construction

Julian Allen showcases the first residential homes project in Georgetown, Texas in 2007.

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Julian Allen, center, reviews blueprints in 1984.

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